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Traditional Automakers Have the Trust of Buyers to Make the Electric Future Real

When it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), Americans need a customer experience that’ll ease the switch from ICE to electric. Now, there’s new data that demonstrates consumers prefer the EV buying experience that only local dealerships can provide.

A new study from Escalent, a research firm with a deep understanding of the auto industry, found that potential EV buyers are more likely to purchase an EV from a traditional automaker that employs the franchised dealership model than from a direct sales manufacturer. One Escalent executive, discussing the report’s findings, noted that “many consumers have taken notice of the strides familiar auto brands have been taking to market – and improve – their electrified offerings.”

Respondents to the Escalent study made it clear that they’re looking for an EV that’s durable, easy to maintain, and won’t break the bank, and traditional automakers have demonstrated to customers that they can deliver. Brand new, highly anticipated EVs like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Cadillac Lyriq and Hyundai Ioniq 5 have been met with rave reviews. These models are more affordable than some expensive alternatives made by manufacturers that sell directly to consumers, and the local dealerships selling these EV have prepared their facilities to maintain and service complicated electric technology.

The numbers are clear. As more and more Americans join the electric revolution, they’re putting their trust in the EVs sold by well-established automakers that can be found at local dealerships across the country.

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