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Honda EV Plans Reflect the Commitment of Traditional Automakers and Dealers to the Electric Future

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2023, and already it’s been a successful year for the traditional automakers and their franchised dealers pushing the electric vehicle (EV) revolution forward. Now, Honda has taken another step to drive widespread EV adoption.

Honda announced this week that it will be retooling its Marysville, Ohio manufacturing plant for full EV production. The Marysville plant is one of three Honda facilities in Ohio slated to be revamped to accommodate EVs, part of a $700 million initiative by Honda to begin EV production in the state by 2026. The news comes on the heels of Honda’s announcement last October sharing their plans to construct a $4.4 billion EV battery plant in Jeffersonville, Ohio, where they broke ground earlier in March.

It’s clear from these developments that Honda, like all traditional automakers, is all-in on EVs. The time, money, and effort to upgrade their facilities will be well worth it. When completed, these new factories will build the cars of the future, EVs that will be delivered to local dealerships where dedicated staff can help consumers pick the best EV for their lifestyle or personal needs.

Thanks to traditional automakers like Honda and their franchised dealers, we’re closer than ever to the electric future.

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