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The EV Coalition for Choice and Competition grew out of an effort to educate consumers and policymakers about what it will take to drive adoption of electric vehicles in the mass market. 


Until recently, most EVs were luxury or niche vehicles owned by consumers with disposable incomes who possessed multiple vehicles. This will change dramatically when EVs move into the mass market and become primary vehicles for millions of average Americans. Unlike consumers who are willing to pay top dollar and wait weeks for vehicle sales and service, mass-market customers require financing, a trade-in process and, because they often rely on their vehicles to get to work each day, fast service options locally.


America’s 16,000-plus new-car dealerships are embracing this challenge. In communities everywhere, dealerships are making major investments in recharging infrastructure, equipment, tools and training to help their customers find an EV that fits their needs at a price they can afford.


While some people have advocated for scrapping dealerships for factory-direct sales, we believe the best way to meet the challenge of mass EV adoption is to leverage America’s more than 16,000 dealerships and service centers and their 1.1 million-plus highly trained workforce—an industry of experts that has been assisting consumers with their automotive needs for more than 100 years.

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