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Local Dealerships Remain Crucial to Providing Access and Information on EVs

More Americans than ever are considering purchasing their first electric vehicle (EV), and local dealerships are ready to help consumers move into the electric future. Across the country, dealerships are providing customers with necessary information about the high-tech vehicles they sell, and ready access to leading lineups of new EVs.

Recently, Reineke Ford Lincoln in Findlay, Ohio held an event at their dealership to answer buyer questions and provide demos of the latest EVs offered. The dealership had several of Ford’s high-tech EVs on display, including the F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the country’s best-selling vehicle for more than four decades, and the brand’s first-ever EV, the Mustang Mach-E. Employees were on hand to answer any questions, and visitors were able to take the new EVs out for a spin, which studies have shown is the best way to ease any EV weariness among potential EV adopters.

Events like these at local dealerships are what will truly drive widespread EV adoption. Customers have the chance to speak with sales representatives and technicians from their local communities, often people they know and trust, rather than waiting on the phone with customer service call centers used by direct sales manufacturers. These events also offer customers the chance to experience EVs firsthand and determine which vehicle best suits their needs at a location close to home, a convenience only local dealerships can provide.

There are still many Americans waiting to join the EV revolution, but thanks to local dealerships, we’re on the right track toward the electric future.

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