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Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV Range Success Latest Victory for Legacy Automakers

In recent years, legacy automakers and local dealerships across the country have taken major steps to reduce one of the key obstacles in the way of widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption – range anxiety. Legacy brands and their dealership partners entered 2023 ready to make range anxiety a thing of the past, and Hyundai’s new lineup of EVs is helping to make that future a reality.

According to reports, the Ioniq 6 is EPA-rated at a total of 361 miles for range on a fully-charged battery and has a combined 140 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (MPGe). This new level of efficiency comes from the vehicle’s external design and the size of its wheels, and estimates demonstrate that the Ioniq 6 has a superior range to EV models made by some direct sales manufacturers. It’s another impressive victory for legacy automakers, who notched a similar win last year when the hugely successful Ford F-150 Lightning achieved an EPA-estimated 320-mile range.

Advancements like these mean that legacy automakers are turning range anxiety, once a major obstacle to widespread EV adoption, into an issue of the past. The more new EVs with consistent range capabilities legacy automakers produce, the more confident consumers will feel when they visit dealerships to see EVs like the Ioniq 6 and test-drive them to get a feel for that improved range firsthand. Any lingering questions can be answered by knowledgeable dealership staff and technicians who are being trained to know EVs, and their range capabilities, inside and out.

The future is electric, but it will only be possible with EVs that can go far and wide and fit the needs of consumers across the country. Thanks to dedicated automakers like Hyundai, we’re closer than ever to making that future a reality.

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