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Rise in EV Registrations Reinforces Trust Between Consumers, Legacy Automakers, and Local Dealership

Local dealerships and legacy automakers have made significant strides in delivering electric vehicles (EVs) to consumers. Now, a new report shows EV registrations with legacy manufacturers surged recently, demonstrating how consumers are putting their faith in automakers and their local dealership partners to drive the electric revolution forward.

The report, conducted by the automotive data research firm Experian, found that from January through September 2022, registrations of EVs produced by legacy automakers increased by 71%. Among the different EV models available, the report found the Ford Mustang Mach-E to be one of the most popular EV models in the country. The report also found that Americans registered more EVs made by Ford and Hyundai than any other automaker in the country.

The results are clear – as legacy automakers expand their EV operations, consumers continue to trust them and their franchise dealership partners to deliver EVs they can rely on for their needs and lifestyles. Traditional manufacturers have come to play, and they’ve brought their A game to the table with impressive EV models like the Mach-E and the Ford F-150 Lightning that buyers are choosing at local dealerships.

The electric revolution is here, and that’s thanks to legacy automakers with bold EV ideas and the dealerships working on the front lines with American consumers.

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