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Local Dealerships Investing in “Charging Deserts” for a Better, Equitable Community

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

While the total number of electric vehicles in the United States continues to tick up, there’s still work to do before we hit the critical point of widespread EV adoption. Unfortunately, in the race to the EV future, America is at risk of leaving behind our underserved communities in urban and rural areas, where “charging deserts” have prevented people from switching from their old ICE vehicles to brand new EVs.

According to a 2021 study by the International Council of Clean Transportation, more than a quarter of new EV owners will be in low income communities by 2030. These households for the most part lack at-home charging stations, and those drivers will be more reliant on public charging stations as a result.

Fortunately, local dealerships across the country are making major investments to ensure underserved areas have access to the charging infrastructure they need. Local dealerships are rapidly incorporating charging stations at their locations nationwide. Additionally, traditional auto industry giants like Ford, GM, and Kia have committed to building a robust network of much-needed chargers, and automakers and their local dealership partners are working hand-in-hand with the government to make sure these investments target disadvantaged communities.

No community should be left behind as our country revitalizes its infrastructure and transitions into fully electric cars. Local dealerships will be the ones who make sure that doesn’t happen. The electric future must provide access for all consumers to be able to purchase, service and recharge their vehicles safely and painlessly.

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