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Local Dealerships Electrifying Rural America

You can find countless headlines touting the increased rate of EV adoption in the U.S., and study after study shows that electric vehicles are more popular than ever with American consumers. However, right now, while the demand for EVs continues to climb in urban areas like New York, San Francisco, and Austin, we’re in danger of leaving rural America behind in the race to the EV future.

According to the Department of Transportation, the rate of EV adoption is roughly 40% lower in rural areas than it is in urban America. Thankfully, local dealerships across the country are ready, willing, and able to make electrification a possibility everywhere.

For years, customers living in rural areas simply haven’t been interested in purchasing the expensive EV models of the past, vehicles that just don’t do what rural Americans need them to do at a price they can afford. Eddie Berry, who lives in Ohio, for example, always found himself uninterested in the vehicles offered by Tesla since they don’t fit his lifestyle. However, when Ford announced production of the F-150 Lightning, he decided to purchase the vehicle because it’s an EV that actually suits his needs.

Not only are local dealerships providing rural Americans with the affordable EVs they want as they come to market, but they’re also committed to building a network of charging stations across the country to ease common concerns about EV range and battery life. Late last year, GM teamed up with local dealerships to install over 40,000 new charging stations with the goal of reaching rural and underserved areas, and other automakers have made similar investments.

Right now, more Americans than ever are making the decision to switch to electric, and while it’s important for the United States to take strides towards its EV goals, Americans should strive to meet those goals together as a country. Local dealerships are making sure electrification is a possibility for urban and rural areas alike, helping us reach the electric future together.

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