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Local Dealerships Are the Key to Making the U.S. Ready for EVs

While significant progress has been towards widespread EV adoption here in the U.S., there’s still much to do to electrify America’s roads. Thankfully, traditional auto manufacturers and their local dealership partners are making investments to accelerate the electric revolution.

LeasePlan USA, one of the world’s largest fleet management companies, recently released a study evaluating the U.S.' EV readiness index. According to the study, no single state is fully “EV ready,” and even the top three states ranked in the report are just “better prepared than others” as far as the number of EV incentives and charging stations in each state.

Fortunately, the report noted that overall, “individual states are making progress towards a greater adoption of electric vehicles.” Local dealerships and traditional automakers are leading the charge to get the country ready for EVs sooner rather than later.

GM, for example, partnered with Blink Charging earlier this year to build up its charging infrastructure, and in 2021 teamed up with local dealerships to install more stations in rural and underserved areas. Other dealerships have united with ChargePoint to set up EV charging stations at thousands of locations across the country. Those same dealerships are training their staff to educate potential buyers on EVs while also installing the necessary equipment to service them.

There’s no doubt the country still has ground to cover when it comes to widespread EV adoption. Thankfully, local dealerships and traditional auto manufacturers are committed to helping build a robust charging infrastructure and delivering EVs to the American consumers who want to join the electric revolution.

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