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Local Dealerships Are Removing Roadblocks to Widespread EV Adoption

For some Super Bowl watchers, the most entertaining part of the Big Game isn’t the acrobatic catches or the hard hitting tackles. Instead, they tune in for the action between downs — the Super Bowl’s famous ads that give brands a chance to show their best products to television’s biggest audience.

This year, automakers like GM, Ford, and Kia used their annual primetime ad slots to make it clear that they’re dedicated to driving the electric future forward with new EV lineups. However, despite the auto industry’s commitment to electrification, post-Super Bowl headlines dissecting EV ads expressed concern about the hurdles facing widespread EV adoption.

Some media outlets highlighted that, while the auto industry is rolling out new EV models, the electric revolution has been stifled by high prices and a lack of charging infrastructure. Thankfully, America’s local dealerships are ready to tackle the challenges to electrification.

The truth is that while some EV automakers only have premium, luxury electric vehicles for sale, local dealerships are excited to promote mass EV adoption by offering EVs that fit the needs of every customer. For example, the price of the new Lucid Air will cost over $77,000, and Tesla raised prices across the board a dozen times in 2021. Meanwhile, consumers can expect to pick up Chevrolet’s new all-electric Silverado for just under $40,000.

Still, some potential EV buyers have range anxiety, and they’re worried they won’t have access to the charging infrastructure they need to stay on the road. Fortunately, dealerships are solving the issue by building their own network of charging stations. ChargePoint provides thousands of chargers located at dealerships around the country, and Blink Charging recently announced a partnership with GM dealers to ramp up the construction of charging infrastructure. This is in addition to the charging stations that dealers already have in place and have invested in to date.

There are still some hurdles facing the electric future that we need to clear. Thankfully, local dealerships are addressing those concerns by providing affordable EVs to customers and making the transition from ICE to electric seamless. With help from local dealerships, America’s getting closer to widespread EV adoption.

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