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GM, Volvo, and Others Address Consumer Concerns about EV Adoption

With consumer demand for EVs taking off across the country, automakers everywhere have answered the call and are investing in an electric future. However, even though almost every manufacturer has EVs on dealer lots today, some potential EV buyers have expressed concerns about practical problems, like charging infrastructure and servicing, that could pose barriers to widespread EV adoption. Luckily, America’s network of local dealerships is making huge investments that will help move the EV revolution forward.

When it comes to taking the plunge and making the switch to an EV, most consumers voice similar concerns. They’re worried about where they can find stations to charge a vehicle that doesn’t rely on gas and how they’ll service their high-tech cars. But now, local dealerships are making moves to solve these problems by investing heavily in the infrastructure and training EV buyers need to feel confident in their choice to go electric.

GM, an automaker with an extensive lineup of EVs, ranging from the new electric Silverado to the company’s EV mainstay, the Volt, recently announced its partnership with Blink, a leader in the kinds of rapid-charging technology that brings the EV recharging experience closer to what consumers have come to expect with their internal combustion engine cars, and has already ordered the equipment to build thousands of charging stations.

And GM isn’t the only automaker easing consumers’ concerns about switching to electric. Volkswagen recently announced a $20 million dollar investment to modernize its dealership network and make electrification easier for consumers - their commitment will go toward building EV infrastructure and training technicians to service electric cars.

No matter the obstacle, it’s clear that America’s local dealerships are committed to guiding us toward widespread EV adoption. Americans everywhere want to make the switch to electric, and local dealerships are paving the way.

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