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Ford’s New EV Demonstrates Dealer Commitment to the Electric Revolution

Recently, Ford began shipping its widely anticipated F-150 Lightning to local dealerships across the country. So far, the Lightning has been met with strong positive reviews, and Ford’s decision to electrify its flagship truck demonstrates that auto manufacturers and dealerships around the country are committed to delivering the electric future that Americans want.

An early review from The Wall Street Journal touted the F-150 Lightning as the “everyman’s EV,” an electric truck with rapid charging, vehicle-to-load capabilities, and enough range for any driver. Compared to vehicles produced by auto manufacturers selling direct to consumers, which tend to be “soft-handed, overpriced toy(s) for white-collar commuters,” the Lightning stacks up well. Ford’s new EV truck is “disruptively priced,” and its battery range and efficiency beat out many direct sales EV models.

The initial success of the F-150 Lightning is proof that traditional auto manufacturers can produce versatile EVs for consumers who want a primary vehicle that will work for them, and local dealerships everywhere want to get EVs like the new F-150 into consumer hands as quickly as possible.

The future is electric, and soon more Americans will be on the road in high-tech EVs like the F-150 Lightning. The auto industry’s leaders and their dealership partners are committed to building and selling EVs that work, making this future a reality sooner than later.

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