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Dealerships and Automakers Working Hand-In-Hand to Expand the EV Revolution

Interest in EVs is on the rise in the United States, and right now, more Americans than ever are stepping away from the sidelines to join the electric revolution. The U.S. is making significant strides towards widespread electrification, thanks in no small part to the partnership between traditional automakers and local dealerships. Their investments in and commitment to improving EV technology have been crucial in delivering the EVs Americans need and want to dealership lots nationwide.

Recently, Honda unveiled its plans to produce 30 new EV models by 2030. The company also announced a $40 billion investment in electrification over the next ten years, which will fund new electric infrastructure and boost the production of high-tech EVs as well as the next generation batteries to power those vehicles.

Honda is just the latest traditional automaker to invest in electrification, but it’s not just manufacturers that are electrifying the auto industry. Local dealerships across the country are taking steps, like training their staff to educate potential buyers about the benefits of new EVs, to drive the electric revolution forward. Local dealerships are also equipped to provide convenient access to servicing for high-tech EVs as well as charging infrastructure so customers can keep their vehicles running and on the road.

Consumers across the country have made it clear that they’re ready to embrace the electric future, and investments from traditional automakers like Honda and their local dealership partners are making that future a reality.

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