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Dealers Welcome New Electric Vehicles Including Nissan Ariya

Recently Automotive News published an article, “Nissan Ariya EV Sold Through Reservations,” highlighting a new electric vehicle (EV) announced by automaker Nissan. Dealers are excited to have more alternative-powered products, like the Nissan Ariya, ready to sell as the United States moves toward mass adoption of EVs.

Under the excitement for yet another electric vehicle entering the market, the article characterizes dealer sentiment toward electric vehicles as “pushback.” This could not be further from reality; franchised new-car and truck-dealers across the country are eager to see broader adoption of electric vehicles.

Dealers nationwide, big and small are preparing their dealerships and their teams with the equipment and education necessary to sell and service the nearly 100 new EVs slated to hit dealer showrooms in the next three to five years. These investments aren’t small; the installation of chargers, new service equipment, and preparing for the forthcoming utility increases cost thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dealers want to make a transition to EVs as seamless for their customers as possible including by training their service teams in the service and repair of EVs and having this offering in-house, which actually makes it easier for a potential customer to choose an EV.

The article also cites a false dealer complaint of Nissan’s plans to sell its new EV direct to consumers via a reservation system, insinuating the system was adopted because “automakers are struggling to get their retailers enthusiastic about stocking and selling electric vehicles.” Again, this is simply not true.

Dealers are vital to spurring mass adoption of vehicles with their longstanding relationships with customers and a strong understanding of their communities. Dealers are proud to sell EVs, and are excited to show customers how easily they can fit into their everyday lives. We are eager to partner with our respective automakers to bring more EVs into the driveways of our customers.

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