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Car Buyers Want to Buy Their EV at Their Local Dealership

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Consumers across the country have made it clear that the future is electric. Auto manufacturers like Ford, Volvo, and Mercedes are rolling out high-tech EVs and making commitments to electrify their fleets. At the same time, local dealerships across the country are working tirelessly to provide the infrastructure, education, and service that customers need to make the transition to electric as seamless as possible.

However, despite all that local dealerships have done to drive the EV revolution forward, some people are convinced that electrification hinges on a direct-to-consumer sales model. Recently, Bloomberg published an op-ed by Liam Denning claiming that local dealerships don’t have a role to play in promoting and providing EVs to customers, but the fact is, dealerships offer services consumers want and need that direct-sales automakers like Tesla and Rivian simply can’t provide.

Denning’s op-ed draws on outdated stereotypes to justify his claim that the only way to transition into an EV future is through direct sales. What he fails to recognize is how complex buying a car is, and how valuable local dealerships are in helping millions of Americans choose the right EV.

In order to make the historic, permanent transition over to EVs, every American, regardless of income, will be navigating this process, which means that many EV buyers will have to handle trade-ins, leasing and financing an EV. Local dealerships will also provide an invaluable resource for the repairs and recalls that are always expected in the car industry - needs that a direct sales car manufacturer could never meet. For example, Tesla recalled nearly 500,000 cars, with many Tesla owners who did not live near a Tesla service center.

As we transition to EVs there are going to be some questions and growing pains, and at your local dealerships, you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone and you can always get a local appointment, with no waiting or frustrating 1-800 calls. With new complex new products like electric vehicles, personal service and education is needed more than ever.

Local dealerships equip car buyers with the information they need, make test driving easy and ensure fast and reliable service to keep Americans on the road. Our local dealerships are here to be a part of the revolution.

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