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Automakers and Local Dealerships Are Working to Drive the EV Future Forward

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

This year, more Americans than ever have joined the electric revolution, and interest in EVs is at an all-time high. However, even though the United States is making major strides towards electrification, lingering issues – including recharging anxiety and a limited selection of available models in popular segments such as midsize SUVs – have kept millions of potential first-time EV buyers on the sidelines. That’s why traditional automakers and local dealerships are making serious investments to put the EVs Americans need and want on dealership lots across the country.

Volkswagen recently announced plans to produce 25 new EV models for consumers in North America. The automaker paired its announcement with a pledge to invest $7.1 billion into its EV capabilities, funding that will go towards developing high-tech vehicles with long-lasting batteries and boosting the production of Volkswagen EVs.

As more and more traditional automakers invest in electrification, dealerships across the country are preparing for the electric future. Local dealerships are ready to educate potential EV buyers about the benefits of EVs over ICE vehicles, training staff to service electric technology, and building charging stations in areas that don’t have sufficient charging infrastructure.

Traditional automakers are making the investments needed to develop and produce the advanced EVs people need for their daily lives, and local dealerships everywhere are demonstrating their dedication to electrification by helping make the switch from ICE vehicles to new EVs as easy as possible. Right now, it’s clear the auto industry is here to make the electric future a reality.

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