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Automakers and Dealerships Are Making the Electric Future a Reality

This year, more Americans than ever are making the decision to purchase a brand new EV. According to reports, EV sales shot up 60 percent in the first quarter of 2022, with almost 160,000 EVs sold to eager customers. It speaks to the great strides the United States has made toward widespread electrification, and now traditional automakers and their local dealerships are working to build on that momentum.

Recently, Hyundai confirmed it plans to build a new factory in the United States dedicated entirely to producing EVs. The plant would serve as a production facility for both Hyundai and Kia to bring more high-tech EVs to U.S. consumers.

While traditional auto manufacturers like Hyundai are all in on electrification, local dealerships are doing their part to pave the way for the electric future. Dealerships have invested time and money to upgrade their facilities to service new EVs as they arrive and have installed new charging stations both at their lots and in underserved areas. Staff at local dealerships are also being trained to understand the many new EV models so they can educate new buyers on what the best EV is to suit their needs.

The electric revolution is coming, and soon more Americans will be making the choice to buy an EV. Traditional automakers and local dealerships have the dedication and resources to ensure the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs is a smooth one.

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