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Americans Know and Trust Local Dealerships Will Drive the EV Revolution

For everyday Americans, buying a car is a huge decision, and for many people, making the choice to switch from an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to an electric vehicle (EV) can feel uncertain. Thankfully, local dealerships around the country are staffed by knowledgeable people from the local community that are ready to help drive the electric revolution forward.

For decades, local dealerships have served vital roles in their communities, offering their communities access to affordable, safe personal transportation. In fact, dealerships employ more than one million Americans nationwide. Dealerships have always committed to providing jobs, technical training, and personal skills to members of their communities, and now they’re dedicated to delivering on the electric future.

Dealership owners like Rod Wilhem, who runs Wilhelm Chevrolet Buick GMC in Jamestown, North Dakota, are paving the way for EV adoption in their communities. Wilhelm and his staff plan to install charging stations and hoists for larger vehicle batteries at his servicing facilities. And local dealership operators like Wilhelm aren’t just faceless sales representatives and managers; they’re our friends, neighbors, and the people we grew up with. They’re the people we trust, and that trust is the key to getting an EV from the dealer’s lot into the driveway of a satisfied consumer.

Right now, dealerships are on the front lines of the EV revolution. Thanks to the trust they have built in their communities, dealerships are ready to meet the challenge of driving America into the electric future.

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