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Local Auto Dealers Are Here to Help Customers to Make the Electric Future a Reality

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

When a local auto dealer first decided to sell electric vehicles in the Texas panhandle, where they’re surrounded by cattle and oil, John Luciano of VW Street of Amarillo, Texas, could have assumed the area wasn’t ready for a future driven by EVs. But, in Texas, people care about sustainability and the environment, and they’re interested in making the switch. Watch this new video about one local Texas auto dealer who is helping make that happen by providing the education and the experience that people need to take the next step to purchase an EV of their own.

As John discusses in the video, Texans in the panhandle are already excited about the future of electric vehicles. They just want to better understand how an EV can fit into their lives. He is making it easy for folks to experience what EVs can do on the road, and with his team, is helping to guide people through common concerns and misconceptions.

One way he is doing that is by making it easier for customers to set up the charging stations at home, with a flat fee and an electrician at the ready. He also has provided interactive tools for customers looking into an electric vehicle to pinpoint where charging stations are located, so they can better decipher if electric is the way for them to go, given their lifestyle.

Local auto dealers like John Luciano have embraced an electric future, and now, more than ever, dealerships are key to making that future a reality. Americans across the country are committed to making the switch to electric, and auto dealers are here to help them do it.

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